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A Night Out for Desperados III

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Published by -Saxerud- (mod ID: 627866)



Hello and welcome! This level has been based off the Town level from the baron mission. The mission should fit between medium and challenging difficulty, a lot of new props and enemies hand placed, waypoints tweaked, and other tweaks.

Hope you try it out and enjoy!

Got any feedback, maybe it needs to be more difficult, feel free to let me know so i can patch the mission!

Level Briefing.

Doc and Hector has returned for a night out, there is not much that they remember of what happened the day before other than alot of alcohol.. Doc has returned to the brothel to recover his gear, although they are not that happy to see him and locks him in untill their owner returns. Recover your gun, escape the brothel, find Hector and get out of the town.

How to install.

Copy and paste the file "" to your save game folder for Desperados III
The save game folder path should usually look similar to this: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Desperados III\[USERNAME]\gameState_00\manualSave
Start Desperados III and go to the "Load" menu. There you should find the save game with a custom thumbnail similar to the preview image on this site.

Info and Hints.

1. Green Crates has Knockout Gas

2. Look for ammo.

3. Hector is too drunk to function, carry him out.




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CooperPooper @cooperpooper

I love that at first it seems very easy but than as you play you realize that you can't take the fast route, it's challenging but not too hard, nice one!

Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done ! Very amusing ! Thanks for this level !

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

Hey, I haven't finished your mission yet, but I noticed some things that I need to ask.
About your modding, can you tell us how you did these things ?
- crates with the knockout gas
- add crates/boxes/barrier to block the doors/gates of the whorehouse
- prevent Doc from jumping off the balcony of the whorehouse
- Hector being tied up
- set a regroup point without the number of characters required. Since the mission is originally with Kate, Doc and Hector, we should normally see : 0/3. But with your regroup point, there is no numbers, and it works where Doc and Hector are there.

I'm planning to release soon a full set of missions creating a new story.
It would help me to know how you accomplish these things.

-Saxerud- @saxerud1

Will do, there is alot of work to do it tho. Im using Runtime Unity Editor to do most of the edits, when you place a ammobox search in the Scene viewer to find it, inspect the file and look trough the settings on it. Should be named Items, then click that and you should be able to change the type of ammo.

- Crates, boxes and barriers are just a repurposing of the dynamite barrel where i deleted the dynamites and the crates is repurposed ammoboxes as i dont know how to spawn new items that the devs have not added.

- To prevent jumping i used the boundingbox from the burning pile, just removed the visuals and changed the size. Although for preventing jumping there might be a better way since i came across a file that enables the jumping from diffrent locations, just disable that.

- Hector being tied up is more challenging, i ended up changing him to be flagged as a civ, then doc could tie him up when he was picking him up. It was just a random discovery for me, was trying to make him detectable in the neural zone.

- Regroup points is the same as the ammoboxes, use the scene viewer to find the added regroup point and edit in the settings who it should count. For now i only know how to make it to trigger on one character or all.

The Runtime Unity Editor is gold for modding the game and making missions.

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

ok, everything you've done is smart and ingenious.
I used the plugins from this page :
But I will take a look at the editor you mention.

Yesterday I posted 3 of all the missions I'm making to create a new full story.
You should check them out, it's the 3 levels starting with "DIII New Story - Prologue"

-Saxerud- @saxerud1

Thank you, i used the plugin for ease of placing waypoints etc. Too, great plugin.

Will try them when i get time for it!

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

So I found how to do some of the things you made in your mission

I found how to change the item inside the ammo boxes, but I didn't find how to change its appearance, to put it in a color as you did.

I didn't find where in the object properties you disable a visual.

I know how to make one of my player as a civilian so I can tie him/her up.

Regroup point : "make it to trigger on one character or all"
Maybe you understood the logic like me but wasn't able to apply it.
I think that it's like this : By default the value is 47.
It goes like this : 1+2+4+8+32 = 47. It means 1 for Cooper, 2 for Voodoo, 4 for Doc, 8 for Kate, 32 for Hector.
If I want a trigger for Cooper and Hector, the value would need to be set at 33. Sadly I haven't found how to set this value.

-Saxerud- @saxerud1

Ahh nice work. I might know how to change the value, but im at work now so will test it tomorrow.

To change the visual you have to find the material to the individual 3d model, for the chest there is a sub model for the lid so you must change both materials. If you cant find it i can find the exact location when im back home.

To disable visuals select what you want to disable, and uncheck the active checkbox in the scene viewer.

Edit: It worked to put the number to 33 for hector and cooper. you do it in the m_eCondition in TriggerVolumeRegroup

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

disabling the visual by putting the checkbox active to false, how can I not see that ahah ? So, with that, I could remove the hat of Doc, or remove the dynamite in the barrel. Cool

For the volume regroup, before my previous reply, I tried 33 for Hector and John and it didn't work. But I tried again today, with 13 for John+Doc+Kate and it worked perfectly.
We're getting good

sevdascic @sevdascic

Wow, very nice editing... what did you use?
Nice challenge I wouldn't change a thing... Well done!

-Saxerud- @saxerud1

Thank you! I used the Runtime Unity Editor for most of it, and alot of trial and error.