Desperados III

Byers Pass - Deathperado Mode for Desperados III

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Published by bigdot (mod ID: 333151)


Welcome back to Byers Pass. Devitt has heard about your reputation and isn’t taking any chances. The enemy positions and patrols are the same as Desperado mode but now all enemies are Long Coats.

Deathperado mode is for players who have completed the game’s hardest setting and want the ultimate challenge.

All five characters are unlocked.


Some enemies could not be replaced without breaking the game.




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Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done !

CooperPooper @cooperpooper

with all 5 unlocked is kinda easy, some part very challenging, the two parts where there are 4/5 long coat near each other, but having everyone you can do a lot of combo so are both doable easyly.
Maybe having less character cuold be more interesting, or even adding some long coat in the easier parts