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DIII New Story: Prologue pt 3 Cleaning Contest for Desperados III

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NOTICE: all those missions starting by DIII New Story are part of an alternate complete different story of what you know when playing DIII the first time. It is not "new" in the sense "following DIII" but it's "new" in the sense "an alternate story in a parallel universe". Hence, every characters meet for the first time in different places and contexts, led by another plot between different protagonists having different roles than in the original DIII story.


After resuming their trip on the train that was stopped at Grants by bandits, John, Kate and Hector have a little chat.
Hector explains he's getting tired of working for Vincent DeVitt, that he would like to retire, live in a forest, enjoy nature and do nothing.
Kate tells him that his uncle might want a guy like him, working in his ranch.
Hector replies it's impossible right now. His past history prevents him to leave his job.
He is not free. And if he escapes, with the DeVitt Family being so rich and powerful, it would eventually get caught and not forgiven.
But if he was free, working in a ranch would be a great career change for him.

Few days later, Edward DeVitt has passed away from his long sickness. All of his businesses were inherited to Vincent.
He was already busy with the trains and railroads, but now, he is in charge of the goldmines and boat transportation.
Plus, he is now the new owner of the casa in Colorado, but he's away in California for the railroad right now, he won't be able to take care of this soon.

Prologue Part III

The casa not being occupied by anybody, it quickly got invaded by looters trying to find some kind of treasure.
3 weeks after the death of Edward DeVitt, Vincent wants to get in his new house but it's impossible right now.
So, he offers to Hector to gain his freedom if he completes the task of cleaning the Casa of every looters.
DeVitt, realizing it's a very hard task for one man, even for Hector, asked one of his friend to provide him his personal hitman, a certain Doctor named McCoy.

Map: Casa DeVitt Abandoned

Playable characters: Long Coat Hector and Doc

First Time Playing Duration: long (1h +)

Mission Briefing

Hector is left near the river, west of the casa.
As for Doc, he came by the road, from the east.
With both of them, kill all bandits. Hector, he must kill to earn his freedom. Doc, he kills for the money, 50$ by head.

Mission Objectives

Kill all looters with Hector and McCoy.
Hector and McCoy must not cross path and must not help each other.
The mission ends by using one of the 2 triggers:
- One trigger for Hector, located on a boat at the south of the map
- One trigger for McCoy, located near a small building at this exit of the casa, at the north of the map

Alarms: as many as you want


- Complete the mission as fast as you can
- Try to kill as many enemies with Doc as with Hector

Share your time and your winner of the contest !

My results were :
- 1h50 (I think I took some time to test things, that's why it may seem long)
- Doc won the contest. Without counting while playing the mission, I achieved 79 kills for Doc, 76 for Hector. Can't really do better than that


As stated in the previous missions, only Doc can tie-up people. Might be useful to know. That way, Hector can quickly pick up knocked-out guys

Copy the save file here :

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Desperados III\user_steam_1234567890\gameState_00\manualSave




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Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done ! 77 with Doc, 74 with Hector. 1h56s.
I tried to be quiet but I had to trigger alarm to get it done and speed up...

CooperPooper @cooperpooper

This was one of the best level i have ever played, in so many occasions i felt so proud of myself for getting through the group of enemy. Thank you!
As for the prologue story, it was pretty good overall. Only the second mission felt a bit too forced with Mr. Baxter being just a friend, i think it would have fit better if he was a notorius doctor or carrying some medicinal that was needed to Edward.
But that's just my take i am no writer or anything similar

But now reading again the mission objectives i guess i made a couple mistakes, i thought it was like the ranch mission so you would have to choose between doc and hector who would win and i totally skipped the "do not cross part", i guess i read with too much haste. And since i didn't wanted to be bothered with stun, i wanted to only directly killing so i used doc and did everything with him, so i crossed path but they didn't help each other since hector did nothing. And also, i didn't trigger any alarm so i reached 121 kills and not 155.
I made 2 times the final part, wich it was the hall in the middle, the first one without any alarm and the second time i used the gatling gun so in that one i had an alarm.

I got
- 3h
- Doc won the contest. Doc 121 kills, Hector 0 kills

I am not sure if i will do it again following the objetcive by the letter since you have so many level already up

But i have one question were we supposed to also move on with the original mission?
Because i didn't touch the statue, was i supposed to?

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

I'm happy you liked it that much, because when I was making it, I was not so sure it would be appreciated. I thought it might be boring, too hard, too long and not that many changes of the original map.

About the part 2 of the prologue, I included to rescue someone, because I thought it might be too short and simple to just kill everybody. I wanted to have another objective. I'm no writer too, but your idea of him being a doctor would have worked fine also.

No, you were not supposed to move the statue. Just follow the objectives I write.
If there is an objective that must be done like in the original mission, I would mention to do it. But here, no, nothing about the button of the statue and the hidden safe.

I think it was one of the most interesting part of my mission to think about which character between Doc and Hector you will chose to clean this or that area. Too bad you missed that, but really impressive to have done everything with Doc, plus, without alarm ! wow !

My stats :
You can see, I went to the fight, lots of shooting, alarms and injuries ahahah

CooperPooper @cooperpooper

Even if you didn't do many changes, the starting point and characters were different so it's basically a new thing. If you have less option you are forced to be more creative with what you have, in the original you had everyone except isabelle, if i remember correctly, here you have only doc and hector without bianca and the axe, it's totally different

You did well adding some context, it was good. I offered another point of view that could turn out to be helpful in the future, who knows

For the statue i had a flash that maybe moving the statue would have reset the enemy and maybe someone new, but you are right you would have said something about it

Oh thank you, but i think it's something most people people can do, as long as they have played enough, i did every level here on (prior to this one) and every badge in the original levels (also on shadows tactics) so i have played a lot of desperados, i think i know most of the trick you can do, it's just experience

I bet it's fun also the more chaotic version. I will come back after finishing the others to do it as intended, without crossing and with the alarms to kill all 155

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

Great ! I can't wait to have your opinions on the following missions