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DIII New Story: 07 Texan French Leave for Desperados III

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NOTICE: all those missions starting by DIII New Story are part of an alternate complete different story of what you know when playing DIII the first time. It is not "new" in the sense "following DIII" but it's "new" in the sense "an alternate story in a parallel universe". Hence, every characters meet for the first time in different places and contexts, led by another plot between different protagonists having different roles than in the original DIII story.


After catching Wild Marge, the leader of the large gang who exploded the bridge at Eagle Falls, John, Kate and Doc go back to Higgins' Estate to deliver her to the Mayor and get the 2000$ for each of them.

Higgins interrogates Wild Marge who confesses that her boss is a man called Frank, that it's him who sent her for this bridge job, though she doesn't know the reason why she was given this order.
She adds that Frank is the current resident of the fortress at the Eagle's Nest.

Higgins turns to the small gang and tell them that now, he wants this Frank, also alive. And this time, he could pay up to 15000$ for him.

That's a lot of money, but that's also a very risky task. McCoy is ready to go, but John is a bit dubious about attacking a fortress, only the three of them. Kate suggests they should ask some help from Hector, who has been working for her uncle since he got free from Vincent DeVitt.

John: That would be a great idea, and a nice occasion to team up with him again.
Doc: Are you sure this Hector guy can help us ?
John: Yeah, we will need him for this job for sure. And he will fit with us perfectly. Actually, he's everything you're not.
Doc: What do you mean by that ?
John: In short, he's a brute and he's very noisy.
Doc: Hmmm, fine. But I won't split my part of the pay for this man.
Kate: That's alright, John and I will share ours with him !
John: Tonight, we will pay a visit to your uncle and ask him to lend us Hector for a week.

Map: O'Hara Ranch

Playable characters: John, Doc and Hector

First Time Playing Duration: short (10m-30m)

Mission Briefing

In the evening, John, Kate and Doc arrive in the ranch and walk towards the house.
But during their walk through, they heard some workers talking, and it appears that Hector is forced to stay in a cabin near the river, when he's not working.
Before entering the house, Kate then suggests they should split. She will go inside alone meet her uncle, while John and Doc will find Hector and assist him to leave without being noticed.

Mission Objectives

- With John and Doc, go to the cabin where Hector stays
- Help him sneak out
- Retrieve Bianca in the chicken enclosure
- Find ammo for his sawed-off shotgun (2 boxes of 2)
- Get out of the ranch with the 3 of them


- No Alarm
- No Kill
- Do not swim with John

Copy the save file here :

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Desperados III\user_steam_1234567890\gameState_00\manualSave




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CooperPooper @cooperpooper

It was pretty easy overall, but it fit well with the story so that's as intended, it's nice to switch between some easy and hard level.

It isn't clear to me on why hector was forced to be there, since if i remember correctly went there to live a simple life, but i could be remembering wrong or it will be explained in the next episode, maybe he stole something or broke something

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

There is a reason given in the intro of a following mission ;)

Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done. Retrieving the ammo box in the cotton field was pretty tricky.
Had fun.