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DIII New Story: 08 Emily McGain's Disappearance for Desperados III

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NOTICE: all those missions starting by DIII New Story are part of an alternate complete different story of what you know when playing DIII the first time. It is not "new" in the sense "following DIII" but it's "new" in the sense "an alternate story in a parallel universe". Hence, every characters meet for the first time in different places and contexts, led by another plot between different protagonists having different roles than in the original DIII story.


While John, Doc and Kate were busy earlier during the day with Wild Marge at the bridge, something else was happening at casa DeVitt, where Vincent is now living. A mysterious cowboy asked to speak to Vincent DeVitt.

After being received by DeVitt, this man explained he knows about the shooting of McBane in Flagstone and that he knows the man who did it.
He also adds that it is DeVitt's partner Higgins who gave the order, after Vincent asked him to stop the revolt.

DeVitt is really surprised by all of this and said:

DeVitt: Who are you ? How can you come to my house and say that to me ? What do you want ?
Cowboy: My name and how I know this are not of any importance. But what I want is simple. Money. 10 000$ to keep the silence.
DeVitt: Hahahaha, You're delusional. And even if what you're saying is true, you don't have any proof. For instance, what is the killer's name ?
Cowboy: It's McCoy.
DeVitt: That's great ! You see, I don't even know the man. You could have said McCain or McWhatever, it would have been the same to me. And where is this McCoy ? Did you catch him ?
Cowboy: I found him but couldn't catch him.
DeVitt: ohhh I see. But you want me to give you money for that ? Haha ! It's funny, you're a funny guy ! But you better leave my house now and go back to the rat hole where you came from.
Cowboy: Well, okay. For now. But don't you think it's over.
DeVitt: What do you mean ?
Cowboy: You'll see

Map: New Orleans

Playable characters: Isabelle

First Time Playing Duration: long (1h +)

Mission Briefing

Isabelle has been left at a dock in Pier 9, as she has been in charged by Big Ann of kidnapping Emily McGain, the fiancee of Vincent DeVitt.
The order given to Isabelle is to catch Miss McGain without being noticed, but once she is inside DeVitt District, she can kill as many DeVitt's men as she wants, or as needed.

Emily McGain is still living in New Orleans, waiting after the wedding to move in with Vincent.
For now, she's fine being there in the big city, having fun and working as a waitress at the Red Dragon.

Mission Objectives

- Kidnap Emily McGain (the waitresss civilian in the 2nd picture)
- Tie her up and bring her to Big Ann, who is waiting at the door of Pier 10

Hint: there are 2 boxes in town that each contain 2 venom to perform mind control. These might be really helpful.


- No Alarm
- Kills allowed only inside DeVitt District
- Do not kill civilians


- Kill every enemies inside DeVitt District

- Don't pick up the 4 extra venom from the 2 ammo boxes
I didn't try. I honestly don't know if it's possible without alarm. If you succeed, you're a boss

Copy the save file here :

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Desperados III\user_steam_1234567890\gameState_00\manualSave




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Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done. I'm pretty proud of my performance:
- No alarm, no civilian killed, in fact I killed nobody.
- In the DeVitt District, I did not killed anyone but cleaned the area with all enemies tied up (even long coats).
- I picked the 4 extra venom from boxes for fun, bu did not used any of them.
It was pretty tricky to find a way with Emily, specially because Isabelle carry her standing up. But I found a perfect one after many tries.

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

well done :)

CooperPooper @cooperpooper

Done with all the rules and all badges and didn't use any venom, the hardest parts were: taking the girl out of the dragon's den, the 3 guys looking each other in the butcher area and the guards in the last turn before the last scenario

Plus i discovered there is a road to go into the devitt district from the coffe shop, or from the district to the coffe shop, that i didn't know existed