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DIII New Story: 11 A Kid And His Dog for Desperados III

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NOTICE: all those missions starting by DIII New Story are part of an alternate complete different story of what you know when playing DIII the first time. It is not "new" in the sense "following DIII" but it's "new" in the sense "an alternate story in a parallel universe". Hence, every characters meet for the first time in different places and contexts, led by another plot between different protagonists having different roles than in the original DIII story.


Thomas DeVitt, the son of Magnus DeVitt, is a young teenager boy.
He and Emily McGain have been good friends for a long time, thanks to the close relationship of his father with Judge McGain.

When he learned that Emily has been reported to be missing, he decided to give some help and went searching for her in New Orleans, accompanied by his dog. They started by giving a look at her workplace, the Red Dragon, until the dog seemed to have sniffed something. The dog got excited and started running to leave the city. Tommy followed his dog, who finally led him to the swamps.

Map: Queen's Nest

Playable characters: Thomas DeVitt (as a young Cooper) and Dog

First Time Playing Duration: long (1h +)

Mission Briefing

Tommy thinks he found where Emily has been kept prisoner.
Thanks to his dog and his skills with a knife, he intends to go in there and rescue her.

Mission Objectives

Get the key near the jetty and open the 2 cages

Tommy can throw 2 knives quickly, but he starts the mission with only one knife.
There is an other knife somewhere that he could pick up.


- No Alarm
- Do not pick up the second knife (I didn't try but it should be doable, even though having 2 knives is really useful)

Copy the save file here :

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Desperados III\user_steam_1234567890\gameState_00\manualSave




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Madjo1983 @madjo1983

It was definitely challenging !
No Alarm OK, but with this badge I did not try to kill everyone in the map, only people preventing me to getting forward.
You have to be very patient to coax guards where you want with dog.
I did pick up the second knife for fun but did not use it.

2Sim6One6 @2sim6one6

NicoNicoNicoNico : Thank you so much ! What you're doing is really cool and well done !

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

I'm glad you appreciate my missions. We're getting closer to the end. It's going to be epic ;)