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DIII New Story: 15 Wanted: Dead (Finale) for Desperados III

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NOTICE: all those missions starting by DIII New Story are part of an alternate complete different story of what you know when playing DIII the first time. It is not "new" in the sense "following DIII" but it's "new" in the sense "an alternate story in a parallel universe". Hence, every characters meet for the first time in different places and contexts, led by another plot between different protagonists having different roles than in the original DIII story.


At Magnus DeVitt's Plantation, Hector got captured by men coming out of huts and cabins in the cotton fields area. Then, Jarvis and his men fled and took Hector with them.
When John, Kate and Doc arrived where Hector got caught, they found on the ground the documents he picked up earlier during his quest. With these documents plus the ones that Doc got, the gang is able to understand that the boss behind all those troubles is named Jarvis, and they can figure out where he and his men are hiding : Devil's Canyon.

Next, they regroup with the DeVitts, McGain, Wayne and Frank. Mission accomplished. The mansion is cleaned and Tommy has been rescued.
Now, Cooper and Doc want an explanation about why Frank is here. Magnus has no choice but to admit that Frank actually works for him.
He's always been a bit jealous of his brother, and after the passing of their father, he was furious he inherited anything at all.
So in his rage, he wanted to prevent the success of Vincent. That's why the bridge at Eagle's Falls was destroyed, by Frank's men, on Magnus's order. And that's why Frank was saved in Flagstone when John and Doc brought him. Magnus and McGain didn't want their man Frank to be caught and asked about his actions and the reasons behind them.

Also, Mr. McBane, the leader of the rebellion in Flagstone who got shot, was encouraged to lead the revolt after McGain paid him to do so. Sadly, McGain and Magnus didn't expect it would end the way it did for him.

Wayne shares what happened to him and explains he got captured by Jarvis. His sister Isabelle has voodoo powers and Jarvis wanted to use her for his crimes. Capturing Wayne was a way for Jarvis to force Isabelle to do what he wants. Wayne supposes she is still doing as Jarvis wants her to, because she can't know that, at this time, Wayne has been free. During his captivity, he saw Miss McGain being brought into the swamps and taken away few days later.

Vincent realizes now that this Jarvis is the cowboy who asked him money for his secret about the killing of McBane. With Big Ann, Jarvis is the only one who knows about that event until now. Vincent doesn't share this piece of information to the others.

So, now, everybody understands that their common troubleman is Jarvis.
Wayne wants to get his Isabelle back. And Vincent and Judge McGain want to get Emily back.
And Kate and John want to save their friend Hector.
Doc ? he doesn't really care about Hector, or Emily, or Isabelle. But if there is some money to be made, well...

Map: Devil's Canyon

Playable characters at the start: John, Doc and Kate

Playable characters at the end: John, Doc, Kate, Isabelle and Hector

First Time Playing Duration: very long (2h +)

Mission Briefing

John, Kate and Doc are heading towards Devil's Canyon, accompanied by Vincent DeVitt, McGain and Wayne.
When getting close to the hideout, they have a last talk.

John: So, let's recap. Kate and I are going in there to save our friend Hector. But since you DeVitt and McGain want Emily back, we will take care of that too, with the assistance of Doc.
Doc: Sure, when the pay is good, everything is possible. 10 000$ for each of us, right ?
DeVitt and McGain: Yes.
John: And also for Hector.
DeVitt: What ?
John: Yes, 10 000$ also for Hector. Otherwise, Kate and I don't go save Emily. And I'm not really sure that Doc can do all this by himself.
DeVitt: Fine...
Wayne: What about Isabelle ?
Doc: How much ?
Kate: Doc !
John: Wayne, don't worry, we will find her on our way. And if she is as powerful as you say, she might need just a little bit of our help to get out of here.
Wayne: Thank you.
John: And DeVitt, if we find this Jarvis guy, do you want us to bring him to you ?
DeVitt: No, I just want him dead. (DeVitt doesn't want him alive because Jarvis is the only one left who know about McBane's hit)
Doc: That's fine with me.

After this discussion, they split. John, Kate and Doc walk further on the Devil's Canyon, on the east side.
As for Vincent DeVitt, McGain and Wayne, they are waiting for them on the other side of the canyon.

Mission Objectives

- Help Isabelle get out of the cabin where she is kept.
- Rescue Hector where he is surrounded in the yard of the chapel.
- Retrieve Bianca and ammo for his shotgun.
- Kill Jarvis. (man with the blue poncho and white hat in picture 4)
- Save Emily. (woman in red dress in picture 5)
- Regroup everybody with Emily where Vincent DeVitt, Judge McGain and Wayne are waiting for them.


- No alarm. Especially near Hector and Emily, because the guards will notice them and kill them.
- Kill Jarvis with Isabelle or Cooper with a melee attack.
- Kill everybody. Even Felicity and the alcoholic Long Coat at the beginning of the map.
- Don't use a disguise for Kate.
- Don't drop Emily.

Exception for the alarm : There might be a little quick alarm that would happen very close to the end. You will understand why once you get there.


- Kate can't use her blinding perfume. There is a bug I can't fix that causes Kate to throw them very far and high. It's not playable like this.
- Hector and Isabelle can't heal themselves, but Doc can heal them. They start the mission with only 1 health point

This level is really suited to make awesome showdown actions, for each of the 4 main objectives (rescuing Isabelle/Hector/Emily and killing Jarvis).
Spoiler: Y
ou can see my showdowns on this youtube playlist with the following link. Don't watch before playing the level.

Have fun !

ps : it's not really the end, there are 2 short epilogue missions after this one ;)

Copy the save file here :

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Desperados III\user_steam_1234567890\gameState_00\manualSave




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CooperPooper @cooperpooper

Very challenging level with more than one fun "sets" of enemy.
I did every badges, i used the melee attack of isabelle to kill jarvis.

The first half was almost easy, but after you get everyone togheter the fun parts begins.
The first difficult set is the one where there is Jarvis, it took a lot of time to figure out the right path to follow to dismantle the guard's formations.
The other difficult set was the last one, i tried doing a super combo killing everyone at the same time but i failed, there were always someone calling the alarm the moment before dieing. To make it work, after a lot of tries, i had to kill 3 guards alone and after that i was able to do it without alarm.

Overall it was a very very fun "DIII New Story" both in levels and in the story (after this level there is everything open but i see that there the epiloge missions). Thank you for investing your time for making them! I hope you are as happy as i am with the final work!

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

Thanks for playing and reviewing each mission.
Yes there are 2 shorter epilogue missions after that.
I had fun modding the game. So much so that there is more coming soon.

2Sim6One6 @2sim6one6

Really nice and hard level !
It took me almost 6 hours to finish it !
Badges :
-no disguise for kate
-no alarm (just a short one at the really end, possible without?)
-kill everybody. Even Felicity and the alcoholic Long Coat at the beginning of the map.
Kill Jarvis is a really nice challenge because particularly difficult. But to me the most difficult part was to knock-out the dog to rescue Emily...
Well thanks NicoNicoNicoNico for these 18 missions, I enjoyed so much all your new challenges !
Someone to propose another alternative story?

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

Thanks for playing.
In case you missed it, there are 2 short epilogue missions available.
And about the proposal of another alternative story, I'm working on something.