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DIII New Story - Epilogue pt 1 Isabelle's Revenge for Desperados III

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After being saved by the gang from Jarvis and his men at the Devil's Canyon, Isabelle noticed the man who kidnapped her and Wayne was not there.
The man in question is a big bald brute wearing a short coat. Isabelle wanted to personally take care of this guy but where could he be ?
Knowing that Cooper and his friends were ambushed at Byer's Pass by some of Jarvis' men when they were holding Frank captive, maybe this spot was also one of their hideouts.

Cooper and McCoy will be glad to help Isabelle in her task. As for Hector, he is still a bit hurt after he got caught by Jarvis. And as for Kate, she needs some rest after all these recent adventures.

The plan will be to get onboard of a DeVitt train that will get stopped at Byer's pass.
Vincent DeVitt will take care of having some of his employees placing a rock that would be blocking the entry of the tunnel.
From here, John Doc and Isabelle will be able to accomplish their task.

Map: Byer's Pass

Playable characters: John, Doc and Isabelle

First Time Playing Duration: medium (~30 min)

Mission Briefing

John and Isabelle were sitting at the front of the train, whereas Doc was sitting near the rear end.
When the train approached the tunnel, as intended, it came to a stop.
The Short Coat Brute notices this and ordered some of his guards to spread and investigate around the train and on top of it.

Now, John Isabelle and Doc will make their way to the Brute, without triggering an alarm.

Mission Objectives

- Kill everybody
- Kill the Short Coat Brute last
- Regroup near the little picnic place


- No Alarm
- Only Isabelle can carry a body


- Use mind-control 3 times on a enemy and each time kill at least another enemy

- Give the brute a horrible death :

  • shoot him twice so he loses 2 of his 3 health points, with John and/or Doc
  • knock him out
  • tie him up with Doc
  • throw him off a cliff with Isabelle

little hint: you can shoot him once with John, knock-him out, wait for him to wake up and then shoot him a second time

Achievements / Easter Eggs

- With Doc, find and snipe the golden chicken

- Make a giant bee appear. How: Near the wooden hut where the Short Coat Brute is, with Cooper and his coins, shake the bee hive several times

- Before ending the mission, have a picnic. How: Throw Doc's bag at the picnic place

Here is my gameplay on youtube with every objectives, badges, achievements and easter eggs

Copy the save file here :

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Desperados III\user_steam_1234567890\gameState_00\manualSave




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