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As promised, Judge McGain and Vincent DeVitt gave 10 000$ to John, Kate, Doc and Hector, for saving Emily and getting rid of Jarvis forever, adding to the 5000$ for the rescue at Magnus DeVitt's Plantation.

To this point, John and Doc both made 19500$. Kate 17000$ and Hector 15000$.

But the adventures are not completely over yet.

Magnus and Vincent reconciled with each other but as they discuss all the recent events, they realize there is still one man that knows about what they did (the original event of the shooting of McBane and the destruction of the Bridge at Eagles Fall) and who would have nothing to lose by revealing every truth behind those actions : Frank

Frank knows he still is an important and annoying character for them now, since he has been supported by Magnus and Judge McGain, and both of them would not like to be compromised by Frank.
Naturally, Frank is really aware that he could be eliminated at any time, so he is very cautious of his surroundings.

To get rid of him, Vincent has an idea, where he will need the 4 members of the gang.
He suggests to invite Frank at his wedding, being accompanied by Magnus. That way, he will feel safe in the mansion.
John and Kate will be inside the mansion as guests, so Frank doesn't worry of something bad happening to him.
But McCoy and Hector, who won't be formally invited, will find a way to get inside, and assisted by John and Kate, they will manage to kill Frank once for all.

The DeVitt brothers propose 2500$ each for this ultimate request. Everybody gladly accepts.

Map: Higgins' Estate

Playable characters: Fancy John, Red Dress Kate, Doc and Hector

First Time Playing Duration: medium (30-45 min)

Mission Briefing

John and Kate are here in the estate with a formal invitation. Of course, as guests, they are completely unarmed. But they can move freely everywhere in the estate, except in the house. Kate may be able to walk in the house, provided she is not seen by a Long Coat.
As for Doc and Hector, they are sitting outside the mansion, waiting for John and Kate to help them get inside.
In order to get close enough to Frank to kill him, Doc and Hector will have to get through some doors and gates.
Before helping Doc and Hector, John should pick up a key located in the library.

When Doc and Hector will be inside the mansion, the gang will be able to manage to kill Frank. But 2 options are possible to accomplish this.

One would be to make a pile of crates fall over Frank. Only Hector can make this happen. The advantage of this option is that Frank's death would look like an unfortunate accident that would not draw any suspicion.

The other option would be to shoot him with Doc's sniper rifle. But in this case, the dead body of Frank must be picked up and thrown away, not in the bushes, but over the edge of the cliffs.
The best location to kill him would be in the wedding ceremony area, where Vincent and Emily are rehearsing. As Vincent DeVitt is sponsoring this kill, he won't trigger any alarm when seeing the shot happening.
For Doc, the best place for him to pull the trigger would be on the balcony of the mansion.

When this is done, on Kate's suggestion, the gang will reunite where photographs are taken, to make a souvenir for them all.

Mission Objectives

- First, John must retrieve a key in the library that will open every doors and gates.
- Then, John and Kate should assist Doc and Hector to enter the estate.
- Kill Frank.
- Regroup the 4 of them at the photograph spot.

Up to you

Kill Frank :

- with Hector : make crates fall over him
- with Doc : shoot him from distance and throw his body away over the edges of the cliff


- No Alarm
- Do not let John enter the office, because it will break the mission into the real mission where Kate kills Higgins.
- If John is seen while unlocking a door, it will draw suspicion and trigger an alert that fails the mission.

The End

Copy the save file here :

C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\Desperados III\user_steam_1234567890\gameState_00\manualSave




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