Desperados III

Escape from New Orleans for Desperados III

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Welcome and thanks for downloading my custom level.

------Mission Story------

This mission takes place after the last mission of Desperados III and is inspired by Escape from El Paso mission from Desperados: WDoA. After Cooper took revenge on Frank with help of his team, they decided to enjoy their lives for a while. They traveled to New Orleans together as Kate wanted to visit the city again. Hector naturally went to visit Red Lantern whereas Doc went to do a little business at Pier 9. Isabelle couldn't resist her to visit Chez Manu while Kate was checking out Market place. Unfortunately, things turned wrong and they fell in to trouble once again. Cooper had to rescue them one by one now and leave New Orleans for good. Marshal Wayne was waiting for them in a roof top who would help them to leave the city. Rescue all the members of team, recover your items and regroup to meet Marshal Wayne.

---------- Hints----------------

I think the rescue order could be: Kate>Knife>Disguise>Hector>Isabelle>Doc.




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NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

Hector -> Knife -> Kate -> Isabelle -> Doc

sevdascic @sevdascic

Isabelle and Hector can free themselves... What I am trying is to do the same with Kate and with Cooper to pick up the knife on his own.

Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done ! It was a very long journey to get there, but definitely a nice challenge ! My order: Kate -> Hector -> Isabelle -> Knife -> Disguise -> Doc -> Meeting Point.

madturnip07 @madturnip07

It was hard but got there in the end. My order Kate>Disguise>Knife>Hector>Isabelle>Doc