Desperados III

Home Sweet Home for Desperados III

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---- Level Description ----

After long journey Cooper decided to go home and take a break before his next adventure. Hector and McCoy insisted to accompany him. Somewhere along the way near his home some accident happened which blocked tunnel and train full of DeVitt's criminals. Group decided to split and they intend to get alive to Cooper's home.

---- About a level ----

Playable characters:

  • John Cooper
  • Doc McCoy
  • Hector Mendoza

Map: Byers Pass

Difficulty settings: Beginner

Level Difficulty: Easy-Normal

Over 50 enemies.

---- How to install and play ----

You can check guides on how to start playing this level.

---- Hints ----

  1. Are you aware of what Hector can do with dead body or unconscious character
  2. There are many different ways, but Cooper can do something with horse that might help achieve objective along 1st hint

---- Known Bugs ----

If you move Hector to the point he can't get back on train (the one where Cooper can climb with rope), you won't be able to finish intended way. In that case try to reload one of previous saves or try to complete objective from original game.

---- Feedback ----

I would like to hear your feedback if you have any. Please comment below especially if you know a way to get all 3 characters in area with cave or if there is object i can spawn so that only Doc can interact with it (for instance Doc can pick lock something that might finish mission) in this level.

Thank you for checking this level and i hope you have fun playing it.




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Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done all 3 taking apero at Cooper's home !

sevdascic @sevdascic

With Doc and Cooper together it feels too easy.
Maybe separate them by putting Doc somewhere in the middle.