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Kate's Goodbye for Desperados III

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Hello and welcome! This level has been based off the O'Hara Ranch level from the baron mission. The mission should fit a medium difficulty, a lot of new props and enemies hand placed. This is my first try at making a custom mission for Desperados III, Hope you try it out and enjoy!

Got any feedback, maybe it needs to be more difficult, feel free to let me know so i can tweak the mission!

Level Briefing.

Cooper and the gang return to the O'Hara ranch, approaching the ranch they notice smoke in the horizon. As they close in, they can see a gang has begun to plunder what is left of the ranch. Kate cannot stand for this and want the leaders of the gang dead, fortunately they seem to have grouped up in one place, the old house, and her former home. Hector has come up with a plan to put an end to this gang. Dynamite.

For the plan to be successful Cooper and Kate must not be detected before they can regroup with Doc and Hector. If they are detected the gang leaders will run away.

Hector and Doc has already snuck into the camp and placed the explosives. They are waiting for Kate and Cooper behind the old house so Kate can have the honors and say goodbye to her old home herself.

How to install.

Copy and paste the file "" to your save game folder for Desperados III
The save game folder path should usually look similar to this: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Desperados III\[USERNAME]\gameState_00\manualSave
Start Desperados III and go to the "Load" menu. There you should find the save game with a custom thumbnail similar to the preview image on this site.

Info and Hints.

1. Cooper is injured, he cant run fast or carry bodies.

2. Look for enviromental kills.

3. Do not get detected.

4. It is night, use the reduced vision cones to your advantage.




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CooperPooper @cooperpooper

I just avoided to be seen by everyone using the shadows, used coin twice and turn off one lamp nothing else.
Maybe try to delete some passage adding more fire and lights around to reduce the shadows

Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done ! Did not understand thaty the only goal was to reach Hector which is pretty strait forward.

sevdascic @sevdascic

You forgot to toggle Kate's visibility back.
Weird interaction with the fence good job finding it.
Good level but I feel there's too much ammo in it.

-Saxerud- @saxerud1

Thankyou for letting me know, will update it soon. Will look into if i can tweak the ammo too.
Edit: Updated now and reduced the ammo in chests.