Desperados III

One shot is all it takes for Desperados III

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Published by Luna/Storm (mod ID: 326377)

  • Alternative Story
    • Throughout his time under Franks direction, Jarvis has executed lots of Franks orders, many of them not really in legal and harmless ways. By doing so, he also crossed McCoy's way, and McCoy lost out on that exchange. Since then seeking for retribution, McCoy finally gets the chance to meet him again, this time on this rainy day in New Orleans. Jarvis bounty ain't that bad as well, and so he makes his way through New Orleans, together with Kate, who insisted to help him.

  • Level Description
    • Pave your way through rainy New Orleans to the docks
    • Kill Jarvis (the guy in the blue shirt at the docks)
    • Activate the end-mission-trigger with Cooper or Hector (the trigger is right next to them)

  • Badges
    • Don't kill or tie anyone (except mission targets), and don't raise any alarm
    • Take the way through the harbour
    • Take the way through the buchers area
    • -
    • Don't use any firearms (except for McCoy's sniper rifle)
    • Kill Jarvis in under 20 minutes (timer starts at 4:00)




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CooperPooper @cooperpooper

Having only kate as distraction forces you to look for the optimal path to sneak through, nice one!

KgAres @kgares

Very cool and challenging stealth mission

Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done. It was a very challenging one. No alarm, I kept the bullet from Doc for Jarvis. Nice level !