Desperados III

The Desperados: Cooper's Camp for Desperados III

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Btw: Tell me if it's too hard or too easy? I can make missions on higher difficulties with more difficult enemy setups.

It’s been couple of days since the Ranch was raided by Big Ann’s gang. Cooper feels better, and Hector wants to repay his debt for saving the Ranch, by helping Cooper. They are going to the place where Cooper set up his camp that night.

When they arrive the camp is completely destroyed. Cooper's personal things are all lying all over the place, but whoever did that left footprints. Fresh footprints, this person must have left recently. Cooper and Hector are following the trail to a small cabin in the woods, it’s destroyed too, but what’s that? A pocket watch? Belonging to McCoy. To what McCoy? They searched around the cabin for few minutes, but they couldn’t find any more footprints. Dialogue:
Hector: Hey, amigo.
Cooper: Not now, Hector.
Hector: You want to see this.
Cooper: Ahhh, just perfect…. What’s that? Is that Big Ann, up on the ridge?
Hector: Yes.
Cooper: How did she survive the massacre at your Ranch?
Hector: She wasn’t even there, it was her sister Little Ann. She won’t survive this massacre she’s about to get from me.
Cooper: I know she ordered to burn your Ranch, but now is not the right time.
Hector: It’s the right time!
Cooper: Ok, I don’t want to argue. I will follow your lead.

This is simple, if John wants to find out who this McCoy is, he needs to blow those rocks, and go to back to Flagstone.

Characters: John Cooper, Hector (LC)
- No ammo crates for Hector, so use the ammo wisely
NOTE: McCoy is in the mission, but he’s in non-accessible part of the map.

- Go to the front of the train
- Kill Big Ann. Dialogue when killed by:
Hector: Wait!
Cooper: What?
Hector: We should have take her alive!
Cooper: Why?
Hector: Now she can’t tell us who might have payed her for destroying my ranch!
Cooper: Yeah, I f* up, but we can’t do anything now. Let’s destroy those rocks.
Hector: That’s for destroying my ranch!
Cooper: She didn’t need to die.
Hector: Why?
Cooper: Now we don’t know who my payed her!
Hector: You might be right. So sorry.
Cooper: We can’t do anything now. Let’s destroyed those rocks.
- Destroy the rocks, so the train can come through
- Regroup near exit point

- Rescue all civilian groups (3)
- Don’t kill anyone
- Take the left path to the ridge

- Regroup point is moved
- One civilian group is moved
- The left path to the ridge is now harder, take it to earn a badge!





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NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

I did it without any kill, I tiedup everybody.
I took the left path with the ladders to go on top.
When Hector got close to Big Ann, he forgot to think, as he whistled at her and shot her.
So far, I was doing it without alarm, but when I exploded the rock, some guards got alerted and came off the train. I still managed to knock them all out and to tie them.
It was rather easy like the mission before and pretty straight forward