Desperados III

The Desperados: Lost in the Storm for Desperados III

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John Cooper, a skilled bounty hunter is on the road to Denver to talk with the local law about some criminals. He is on the trail for few days now, in the evening he stopped in some pass, near train tracks. It was normal evening when someone sneak up on him, and threw John off the cliff. John was able to survive that fall, but now he’s injured. The darkness is not helping, now John has fallen into a river, and the river took him with the stream. When John was able to catch something, and get out of the river it was completely dark. His map fallen apart and his compass is broken. Is there any hope left?

John is walking for a few hours lost in the forest it starts to rain, his injury is totally not helping, but what’s that? A light? Maybe there’s hope in survival? John without seconds to think, is now walking towards this light. It’s a Ranch, but something is wrong. John finds a skiff, so he takes it and swims to the other side of the lake. The Ranch is taken over by bandits, but it looks like owner is still alive, John has to help him and get the hell out of here.

- Cooper is injured (no climbing, no body pick up, no swimming)
- Don’t use Hector, until Cooper is at the stable area
NOTE: McCoy is in this mission, but he’s in non-accessible part of the map.

- Rescue Hector (He is hiding on tower near stables)
???: I noticed your involvement just now, tell me your name so I can thank you properly.
Cooper: I prefer if we meet somewhere in person.
???: Ok, that haystack looks like a good spot.
- Regroup with Hector in the haystack under stable building
Cooper: So, who are you?
Hector: I’m Hector. And you are?
Cooper: John Cooper. So what’s our plan?
Hector: We need to get the hell out of here, but my workers were captured.
Cooper: Ok, where are they?
Hector: I think one group is near the main building. The other one is near Lumber’s Cabin. And the last one is near the silo.
Cooper: But how do we get away?
Hector: Do you see these horses, near the main gate. That’s our only chance to get away.
Cooper: Ok. But where we will escape?
Hector: Flagstone, sheriff must do something about this.
- Rescue all farmhands (Rescue counts when guards guarding them are dead or tied up)
- Escape

- There's a fuctional regroup point
- Some patrol routes and guard types have changed





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NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

You should check the 2 tutorials I made about spawning/enabling/disabling characters and regroup point to finish a mission.
Plus, with the tools installed, it could help you in the modding of your level

The_Desperado @the-desperado

Thanks for the tip! This tools are awesome.

NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

I don't really know if I had to kill/neutralize all enemies in the ranch, so I did it only killing the enemies who were on my way to the 3 groups of farmhands