Desperados III

The Desperados: Mission 1 - Trouble on Mississippi for Desperados III

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Mission Briefing:
John Cooper currently spends time in Jennings. As we all know John can’t sit more than a few days somewhere, so he goes towards bounty board. On the way to the Sheriff’s Office he notices a poster on the ground, so he picks it up. On the poster it says that bandits have took over some house near Mississippi, the Sheriff from Baton Rouge offers 200$ for the person that cleans it from outlaws.

Mission Description:
John Cooper quickly heads over, before someone else kills all the bandits over there. While Cooper was almost at the spot, the bandits took over another boat, with someone in particular.

Additional Information:
+ John Cooper
+ Kate O’Hara

- MAP:
+ Mississippi River

+ (Medium) ~ 30m - 1h

+ At the bridge Kill/KO one guard with Kate and second one with Cooper at the same time.
+ Don’t touch deep water
+ ALL enemies must be dead when ending the mission, but you can have mercy for dogs
+ No reinforcements

+ Meet each other near the bridge. Dialogue:
???: Who the hell are you?!
Cooper: Take it easy, Miss!
???: I won’t ask you again!
Cooper: I’m Cooper, John Cooper and you?
Kate: Kate O’Hara. What are you doing here Mr. Cooper?
Cooper: The Sheriff offers 200$ for the man that clears this hideout of bandits!
Kate: That’s a difficult task. Do you need help with it?
Cooper: You want to help me, so you can get your cut?
Kate: I want 50$ from it.
Cooper: Ok, that much I can give you.
Kate: Ok, we should get going! Don’t think I will forget about my cut!
+ Kill all bandits
+ Regroup near John’s Horse. Dialogue:
Cooper: I didn’t have time to ask. What were you doing here?
Kate: I was on my way to New Orleans. My friend needed some help with something, I’m travelling all the way from Colorado.
Cooper: Do you want me to help you and your friend?
Kate: Sure, finally I will have some company, at least for a few hours.
Cooper: So where your friend was again?
Kate: In New Orleans.

+ Only kill with Cooper (almost impossible, but doable)
+ Don’t touch shallow water
+ Don’t kill dogs




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