Desperados III

The Desperados: Mission 2 - Thieves in New Orleans for Desperados III

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Published by The_Desperado (mod ID: 976454)


Mission Briefing:
After Kate and Cooper met near Mississippi, they collected the money and headed straight for New Orleans. On the way Kate had a feeling that something is wrong, but she doesn’t know what is wrong yet.

Mission Description:
Kate and Cooper have arrived to New Orleans in the evening. They headed to the place where Kate and her friend was supposed to meet, but her friend didn’t show up. Kate knew that something is wrong, together they need to find some clues and save Kate’s friend.

Additional Information:
+ John Cooper
+ Kate O’Hara

+ Doc McCoy (not playable)

- MAP:
+ New Orleans from ,,Back Alley Jazz”

+ (Medium) ~ 30m - 1h

+ NO ALARMS in the backyard
+ After KO a target, pick him up to search him
+ Judge McGain is at Café Chez Manu
+ Raymond Irving is at Red Lantern (he’s looking like Mayor Higgins)
+ Ted O’Neill is at Pier 9
+ There's somewhere a guard with a key to all doors

+ Knock out O’Neill, Irving and Judge McGain (whatever you do, DO NOT kill them)
+ Regroup in safe spot (near Pier 9 there’s a campfire). Dialogue:
Kate: So what do we have?
Cooper: Looks like they took your friend to out of the city, but it doesn’t say where. Looks like their commander is in here somewhere. He’s in this backyard, It says that he is meeting someone important to DeVitt.
Kate: Come on, we don’t have any time to lose, we need to find their commander!
+ Go to this backyard (DON’T RAISE any alarm after reaching the backyard)
+ Listen on Long Coat and the other guy. Dialogue:
Long Coat: Is it done?
???: It’s done.
Long Coat: Good. Here is your payment.
???: Can I know what have you done to the lady, you captured in the swamps?
Long Coat: She’s well taken care of. She won’t tell anyone about murders you committed.
???: It’s a pleasure to do business with you.
Long Coat: Hey, don’t leave Louisiana. DeVitt will probably send a letter soon.
+ Go back to the trolley (near the market)




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