Desperados III

The Desperados: Mission 3 - Ambush at Byers Pass for Desperados III

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Mission Briefing:
Cooper and Kate haven’t heard anything about the man they saw in New Orleans, but now after a few months they heard he killed someone near the town of Flagstone, they need to check this lead before it will get cold.

Mission Description:
John and Kate are currently on a train from New Orleans to Flagstone, they want to find out who was this person talking with DeVitt men in New Orleans. Cooper and Kate were playing poker when the train stopped, Cooper needs to see what happened.

Additional Information:
+ John Cooper
+ Hector Mendoza (LC)

- MAP:
+ Byers Pass

+ (Short) ~ 15m – 30m

+ Don’t use Hector before freeing him
+ McCoy might become available when killing two guards near Hector, I can’t do anything about it (Don't use McCoy)
+ It's been a long time since I was doing 2nd level, so this might be a bit easy

+ Free Hector, Dialogue:
???: Thanks for the help, mister.
Cooper: No need to thank me. What’s your name, sir?
Hector: I’m Hector and you are?
Cooper: John Cooper. Normally I don’t talk to the likes of you.
Hector: Why? Because I’m working for the DeVitt Company?
Cooper: I’m just gonna go, I need to unblock the track.
Hector: You will die without my help…
Cooper: I can handle it.
Hector: You want me to tell DeVitt all about you, I know that you was listening on me, back in New Orleans…
Cooper: …Fine…! I’m not in the mood for this.
+ Destroy the rocks
+ Meet at exit point, Dialogue:
Hector: So what bring you to these parts, Mr. Cooper?
Cooper: Who was that man you were talking to in New Orleans?
Hector: I can’t say, I’m afraid.
Cooper: I saved your life and you can’t say?
Hector: …His name was McCoy. He is a very good shot, I saw him training our best men.
Cooper: Where exactly can I find him?
Hector: He was going to meet Foreman McBane in Flagstone.
Kate: Who is your new friend?
Cooper: Hector, it’s Kate, Kate it’s Hector, he will help us find you friend.
Hector: I won’t do no such thing!
Cooper: I saved your life, you already forgot?
Hector: …but after this, we’re even.




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