Desperados III

The Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive for Desperados III

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Published by The_Desperado (mod ID: 970905)


After John and Kate escaped Higgins’ Estate, Kate goes to the general store to buy new clothes. In the meanwhile Cooper goes to the brothel to find Hector. Cooper offers Hector some money if he helps him find McCoy in Louisiana, but Hector declines. Cooper is kind of disappointed, but that never stopped him before. He was waiting near general store for a couple of minutes, when a friend approaches him and says that Kate was arrested for murder of Mayor Higgins. Now Cooper needs to help Kate, kill the witness that saw them together and escape Flagstone.

Characters: Cooper and Kate
Playing Time: 15 minutes - 30 minutes
- Don’t use Kate until Cooper is in the backyard

- Rescue Kate (kill all guard guarding her), Dialogue:
Cooper: Kate, you’re okay?
Kate: It’s been worse.
Cooper: Alright, now let’s kill that guy. Do you know where is he?
Kate: I think he’s at the brothel, but we need to be careful near the brothel. The guards are on high alert, the witness is protected. If guards will sound the alarm we will never get to him.
Cooper: No alarm, it’s not that hard. Come on, we need to get the hell out of here, before we get into more trouble.
- Kill the witness in the brothel (No alarm in brothel area)
- Escape Flagstone

- Don’t raise any alarms
- Don’t kill any dogs
- Kill Sheriff Jarvis (he’s in the backyard opposite brothel)




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