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After John Cooper finally arrived to Flagstone, he heads straight to Sheriff’s Office, maybe the Sheriff knows who McCoy is. Dialogue:
Cooper: Hello Sheriff, I’m here to ask a few questions.
Sheriff: Mr. Cooper, it’s nice to see you again. You’re here for bounties?
Cooper: No, this time only a few questions.
Sheriff: Ok.
Cooper: Have you ever heard of a person by the name of McCoy?
Sheriff: Hmmm… No, but I know the person that might know him.
Cooper: Who is he?
Sheriff: Mayor Higgins, his estate half an hour ride up the mountain. I heard he’s getting married tomorrow.
Cooper: I won’t get in there without an invitation.
Sheriff: I can give you mine invitation, I can’t go. Tomorrow is a really busy day for me.
Cooper: Thanks Sheriff.

As Cooper leaves the Office he heads for the saloon, to rent a room. In the morning, he quickly eats breakfast and heads straight for Higgins’ Estate. Everything goes normal, the guards let him walk freely around the house, but now Cooper heard a gunshot. The guard tells Cooper to hide in the house, but he know he can’t do that, he knocks this guard out. He needs to find the mayor, but he needs to be careful, if the guards will sound the alarm, he will never reach the mayor.

Characters: Cooper and Kate
- Before Cooper and Kate meet, they must not cross their paths or help each other
MEETING: Meeting spot is near the balcony where you start with Kate (it’s marked with an oil puddle, and DON'T raise the alarm before meeting Kate)
KNIFE AND AMMO: When Cooper was entering the Estate, he needed to put away his knife, you can pick it up. In the Estate there are 3 ammo crates for Cooper.
ESCAPE: Kate tells you that there’s a hidden cave near the cliffs. You have to escape by it.

- Meet with Kate. Dialogue:
Kate: Who the hell are you?
Cooper: I could ask you the same.
Kate: I asked… *pulls out the rusty shotgun*
Cooper: I’m Cooper, John Cooper.
Kate: *throws the gun away* It’s empty anyway. I’m Kate, Kate O’Hara. Pleasure to meet you.
Cooper: Do you maybe know where’s the mayor?
Kate: In hell.
Cooper: Is that your way to say he’s dead?
Kate: Yes.
Cooper: Ok, new plan. Do you know who is McCoy?
Kate: He left the Estate like an hour ago.
Cooper: And do you know where he might went?
Kate: And what will I get for helping you?
Cooper: And what do you want?
Kate: 100$.
Cooper: That’s it?
Kate: Maybe, I’ll think on the way.
Cooper: Here *gives Kate 100$*.
Kate: Thank you, Mr. Cooper. I think that McCoy was leaving for Baton Rouge in Louisiana.
Cooper: Baton Rouge? There’s a poker tournament in the next month.
Kate: Oh, really? Can you take me there?
Cooper: I shouldn’t say that, but fine… let’s just get out of here.
Kate: You’re right, but I could use a disguise too! I think I can get one from that maid near the altar.
- (OPTIONAL) There’s somewhere a disguise for Kate
- Escape

- No outfit
- Don’t pick up Cooper’s knife
- Don’t kill or KO any Long Coats (You can still stun them)




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