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The Marshal and His Brother. for Desperados III

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Hello and welcome! This level is a simple go fetch mission, with a new playable character. Ross Cooper. Get the target, and get him out.

Hope you try it out and enjoy!

Got any feedback, maybe it needs to be more difficult, feel free to let me know so i can patch the mission!

Level Briefing.

Recruited by Ross, John has returned to Baton Rogue to help his brother find the dangerous McCall. Due to the Poker tournament John is forced to leave his pistols at the entrance of the town, although the Marshal may keep his. As soon as they enter John is recognized and the town is still out for blood. Find your way trough the town to the wanted man Raymond McCall. When you take him down, bring him and your characters to the regroup point.

- When you pick up the target, your regroup point should appear.

- Ammoboxes with docs portrait is for Ross.

Map: Baton Rogue

Playable characters at the start: John, Ross

First Time Playing Duration: 40 min.

How to install.

Download and install BepInEx:

Download yintu mod manager and install the Configuration Manager:
For a tutorial on this check out: 1vaders mod

Place the folders from the zip into your Desperados III folder.

Copy and paste the file "" to your save game folder for Desperados III
The save game folder path should usually look similar to this: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Desperados III\[USERNAME]\gameState_00\manualSave

Start Desperados III and hit F1 to open the mod menu, enable Mission01 for the textures to work. If you experience lag, hit F11 to disable the texture update.

Then go to the "Load" menu. There you should find the save game with a custom thumbnail similar to the preview image on this site.

Using the custom script for the mission is optional, it adds custom textures, some minor visual tweaks. The mission should also work fine without the script. Altough the light settings might be wrong, and night mode.

Hope everything works as i dont know much about coding, leave some feedback if you have issues and i will do my best to help.





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NicoNicoNicoNico @niconiconiconico

That was fun ! I did it without alarm, and by killing everyone on my way.

After knocking-out McCall, I was confused because I couldn't see the regroup point. Then, I saw the regroup point appear when Ross or Cooper was carrying him. You did some script/coding here I guess.

It was an idea I had to use another version of Cooper to make his brother but I couldn't see how to do something as great as you did. I guess I won't be the only one who would like to know how you managed to do that.
There is no animation for the whistle and the healing, that's normal, but just having these skills for a different character than the original one is crazy good ! It would be awesome if you could do some kind of tutorial.

There is maybe 3 little things I would change to improve the level even more.
Make invisible the body of sleeping McCoy, hide the ammoboxes that are intended for him, and also use the large button somewhere in the Better Level Editor to reset the stats of the characters and the duration of the mission.

When installing the level, I didn't do the part "hit F1 to open the mod menu, enable Mission01 for the textures to work"
I wanted to check if the level could work without this, and it did. I just didn't have the same looks for characters but that was ok for me

-Saxerud- @saxerud1

Thankyou, Great feedback nico!

I completed it the same way, no alarms and killing a path out.

The thing with McCall is that he has a trigger on carry and drop that makes the regroup active /inactive. I struggled to make a regroup point that would trigger while carrying an enemy, i assume the regroup does not detect AI characters. So thats my workaround for that, could have been clear in the briefing regarding that you must pick him up.

I didnt in fact know how to get new skills before i almost had finished the mission. I added them trough using an existing command i added to a body that gives you the skill, sort of like when you pick up a torch. Im aware about the animations and have not looked that much into it yet, just happy i got the skills working. ☺️

Haha i thought i had hidden doc, guess that was in one of the corrupted saves then 😅 The ammoboxes for him is for Ross if someone feels like guns blazing with the one gun.. it just has docs portrait. I will put that in the description.

Yea the custom code for the mission mainly adds the new textures to the characters, and moves Ross portrait to slot nr 2, and some small tweaks that wont save with the savefile.

All changes in the save file is dome with Runtime Unity Editor and the console there. Like for McCall i think it was .AddComponent<cmdSetActive>() that i used to get the command to make the regroup active/inactive, then added it to his on pickup action and on drop action.

Hope that answares a bit!