Desperados III

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Published by KgAres (mod ID: 399559)


Cooper and his gang are spread out in the Eagle's Nest and must first take out a few well-secured guards to free Doc before they can fight their way out together.


  • John Cooper
  • Doc McCoy
  • Hector Mendoza
  • Kate O’Hara
  • Isabelle Moreau

Difficulty settings: Hard

---- Hints ----

  1. If you pick up guards who are dying (throwing knives / bear trap) directly and also put them down again directly, they will pass away just as quickly from the guards' view.
  2. When you place corpses at the very edge of guards' cones of vision, they first walk towards the corpse before triggering the alarm (also ponchos)
  3. One way to finish the level: Theoretically, the entire camp can be cleaned up by Isabelle alone (reach the Gatling)




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skanderxy @skanderxy

Hi, how can I run this mod into the game with steam,
I subscribed to the mod and it says that it will be installed when logged with in game,
but did not find a way to do it,

Madjo1983 @madjo1983

Done, but I had to trigger the alarm to succeed...

CooperPooper @cooperpooper

Using everyone seems very linear, having more than one characters makes it kinda easy
On the other hand using only isabelle was very challenging, you can do so much stuff and combo with isabelle abilities, i used the gatlin at the end maybe i will try without using it